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Born out of Rafel’s passion for food and his desire to show off his creations from Malta’s best local produce, Briju is a place where lovers of good simple food will find contentment. Raf’s menus – dishes change on an ongoing basis – are built using fresh, seasonal, and typical ingredients chosen by him, cured and preserved by him and cooked by him.


Rafel has been inspired by his regular trips to markets and eateries abroad; his training and working spells in Italy and his weekly visits and conversations with local farmers, animal breeders and fishermen who continue to fire his passion and pride for Malta and its produce.


Briju is unpretentious, warm and welcoming, comfortable and accommodating. It’s is all about enjoying one’s self.

Plan H:


Plan H is all about making healthy eating as easy as possible with a range of healthy options to suit your needs.
There are no joining fees and no contracts. You simply order your deliveries as you want them and you can choose to arrange to have your delicious food delivered to your home or office.


Life couldn’t be simpler. Healthy delicious calorie counted meals delivered fresh to your door daily!



A growing company that is never tired of trying, and believes in providing outstanding quality, a great service, a clean environment and fair value for money. A cosmopolitan family that comes from all over the world, and that is what makes them who they are today. The company ensures that no matter what role an individual has, he or she is respected and recognized.


A family business built on trust, respect and perseverance.


Their menus incorporate dishes from sushi to traditional dishes inspired by Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines.



Nadnilu has designed meaningful organic cotton t-shirts for woman and kids and for every t-shirt sold a cooked meal will be donated through the Victory Kitchen. Check them out on Facebook and order yours today . 🌈💜

eCabs is Malta’s leading and largest passenger transport technology company. Driven by supportive brand values which are set in motion by the passion they have for their industry and clients, they work relentlessly to bring 24/7 fast, reliable and affordable transport of anything through the streets of Malta and beyond. Sharing our same values, eCabs didn’t have to think twice when the Victory kitchen idea was floated, instantly jumping on the wagon to help families in need during the Covid outbreak and beyond.

Dical House is a leading purveyor of Fine Foods, Wines and Spirits in Malta. Renowned for top quality products from various countries and a leading player in the gifts market, thanks to the widest selection and full customisation options.

ReMax and Friends Foundation

Chefs who supported Victory Kitchen

JP Debono from

Jonathan Brincat from Noni

Ismael Borg from

Alessio Grech from
Madliena Lodge

Stefan Baluci from


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